1984- Wuxi Linglong Machinery Co., Ltd. has been established, based on processing industry.


1987- started to produce truck crane.


1994- started to produce marine cranes and port equipment.


2000- Our cranes are widely sold in domestic market.


2008- Jiangsu Guanhai Heavy Industry and Technology Co., Ltd. has been established, started to produce port equipments.


2009- "Guaihai" is registered as a famous trademark in china .


2010- Grab buckets, container spreaders and eco-hopper are widely used in  major port.


2012- Jiangsu OUCO Marine and Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. has been established, started to produce desulfurization and denitration equipment.


2013- We started to export our cranes and prot equipments to the world through trading companies.


2015- Exports reach half of the company's total output value.


2016- Our company set up an own foreign trade department, consisting of foreign trade sales and after-sales technicians.


2017- We mergered three subsidiaries and established the  OUCO Industry. 


2016- "OUCO" is registered as a trademark.


2018- In order to serve overseas customers better, expanding our sales team again for our company’s development needs.


2019- Grand plans


Photo Description: Company merger declaration