The OUCO Group provides high quality handling solutions and access systems for the marine, offshore, port industries. Headquartered in beautiful Wuxi, China, OUCO Group has subsidiaries in several countries and serves a global client base from strategic points in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Middle East.

Photo Description: The environment of OUCO Factory.

Our production line covers marine and offshore knuckle boom crane, telescopic crane, stiff boom crane, port equipment, more environmental-friendly operations and also truck cranes with the range from 15t to 150t.

Photo Description: Our main products.


Our version: To deliver the best possible products for the best possible price and quality. We are competitive as we have low labor cost, and deliver quality because we use European components in our products. The designing and building process is guided and monitored by the European standard.

Photo Description: The certifications of factory and production(part).


Our main goal: Not only to deliver a good product, by experience we know that one product is a one-time investment for a client and how important it is to do repairs at location in a short time as most clients have to deal with a high day-rate from their vessels; “Down-time” is expensive. 

Our Equipment:

Photo Description: Own Advanced Processing Equipment

Our possibilities: OUCO Machinery currently has its own engineering team with excellent technology, advanced manufacturing equipment with great production efficiency, and experienced technicians with rich knowledge of all products; those all makes OUCO Machinery your best choice of any marine or port product, for system running smoothly and cost saving. For each project OUCO Machinery can provide you customized general arrangement and price based on detailed requirements, which relys on our powerful supply abilities.

Photo Description: Rough maching workers.

Photo Description: Finishing workers.

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Photo Description: OUCO staffs in worldwide exhibitions.

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