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    Eco hopper provides a series of square hoppers to hold a grab capacity of 1 to 37 cubic meters. Each hopper size has a corresponding high or low level frame, depending on the choice of discharge equipment. Because all our standard jumpers follow the same design principles, component modules can be standardized to reduce production period.

    Eco dust hopper equipped with a simple and effective dust-proof system to minimize dust flying during grab operating. Hopper is divided into inside and outside, separated by elastic rubber dust isolation device. The main function of the outer hopper is to receive cargoes from grabs.

    Main Features And Advantages

    1. The hoppers Large bucket capacity, and large open area
    2. The hoppers are large stowing surface, and accordingly high coefficient of fullness
    3. The hoppers are made of top quality structural and high strength steel, the adapters are made of domestic top
     quality products

    4. The hoppers save working time, improve working efficiency

    Technical specification

    Genernal Arrangement

    Our Certifications

    Product Details

    We have examined every detail in the production process.

    Packing & Shipping

    We try to keep shipping as a whole to reduce installation time. It is our pleasure to allow you to use our crane as soon as possible.

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Stationary Dust Proof ECO Hopper
Storage capacity 2.5 times grab volumn(min)
Discharging capacity 700TPH
Top Opening 9000mm*10000mm(Max)
Bottom Opening 800mm*800mm(Min)*2 Nos
Manholes 2 Nos(Min)
Travel Assembly 4 Nos
Dust Curtain 4000mm*9000mm*2 sides
Stairs/Ladder Inbuilt Steel Structure
High Efficiency Dust Proof Eco Hopper