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    The WOOD GRAB has been designed for load handling in the forestry industry. They can be attached to all standard excavators.

    The WOOD GRAB is characterized by a robust design and construction, high bundling capacity and optimized claw geometry. The two equalizing bars ensure that the closing behavior is uniform.

    The Wood Grab are equipped with a hydraulic rotary drive which offers 360° continuous rotation and features integrated pressure limitation. This enables accurate positioning of the attachment.

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Wood Grab Bucket
Stable Quality Wood Grab Unit
SWL 2.7-32t
Dead weight(kg) 1700-15360
Capacity (m3) 0.6-10.4
No. of peels 6
Pulley (Diameter)(mm) 280-710
Wire rope Diameter(mm) 12-36
Length 8.4-22.5
Trip 2820-11200