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    These truck mounted cranes can be used for multiple work applications, such as electric line maintenance and construction, transmission and distribution, tree trimming and other related uses. Articulating cranes, which are also known as knuckle boom cranes, are designed to be heavyweight and highly maneuverable for maximum payload while working in tight spaces.

    With a lifting capacity up to 200 ton meters, OUCO Knuckle boom Truck mounted Cranes are a popular choice for construction, mining, marine industries and others. 

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25T Folding Boom Truck Mounted Crane
Heavy Duty Easy Operation Truck Mounted Crane
SWL 25T Folding Boom Truck Mounted Crane
Max lifting torque 50tm
Max lifting weight 25t/2m
Span 3.5-10.2m
Slewing angle 73°
Rotary form Full Rotation
Hoisting height 14.8m
System Pressure 23mPa