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    The electric series are crane spreaders designed to handle 20-40ft / 20-40-45ft ISO containers. The double girder design is structurally based on the ship-to-shore crane spreaders and is made out of high-quality steel in order to reduce the weight of the spreader.


    The robust and reliable telescopic system consists of two electric motors powering two timing belts, equipped with shock absorption through spring washer packages. The twistlocks system works with one electrical

    motor per end beam which powers a rotating system. This system is connected with the different “quick exchange floating twistlocks“ by a bar.


    Electric Spreaders are available as single-, twin- and separating twin-lift version. 

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Electric Standard Container Spreader
Electric Standard Port Handling Equipment
Fit 20', 40'container
Deadweight 2.4 ~ 4.8t
Lifting capacity 25 ~ 40t