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    For rural property owners with woodlots, the Timber log trailer is incredibly useful, offering handy ways to make the most use of the same forestry trailer. Our trailers are available in various configurations and numerous extras, including a cargo box, which allows the trailer to transport just about anything solid.

    The timber trailers are suitable for everyday jobs in challenging conditions around the property but also for companies in the forestry sector, who require a simple solution for hauling logs from places where larger equipment cannot operate in (like parks, wet and soft terrain, dense forests, etc.).

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Log cranes
Log Timber Trailer in Forestry
Max boom (m/m) 4.2-7.3
Working pressure (Mpa) 16-19
Load capacity at 4m (kg) 300-900
Load capacity at max (kg) 300-500
Lifting force (kn.m) 28-63
Roraty force (kn.m) 7-11.1
Roraty angle (°) L180,R180
No.Cylinder 4
Boom weight (kg) 243-915
A outrigger weight (kg) 146-240
Grab weight (kg) 72-145