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    Garbage handlers are purpose-built for the recycling industry to perform effective, high-volume material handling duties. 

    Garbage handling models that can be operated in either open terrain or indoor settings.

    The undercarriage of each waste handler is manufactured from a rugged design for maximum loading capacities. Depending upon which model that is used, a reach of up to 10.7 meters can be reached for large material loads. The automatic central lubrication system on the upper carriage ensures that the loading equipment and slewing ring are evenly supplied with a predefined quantity of lubricant at precisely determined intervals. This improves the productivity of the machines, reduces repair and replacement part costs as a result of lubrication related bearing failure, and most of all, reduce costly service downtime. 

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Waste Handler Station
Garbage Station Handler Machine
Lifting moment (Tm) 30
Working Rececling 40s
Slewing angle 360°
Boom Length 3.5m
Stick length 4.5m
Max grabbing radius 7m
Max grabbing depth 6m
Operating pressure 300bar
Lifting gapacity 2t
Oil Pump capacity 80cc
Power 45kw