• Two ropes clamshell grab buckets is an efficient tool for loading and unloading sands, coal, mineral powder and bulk chemical fertilizer. The mechanical structure for opening & closing is succinct and original. It is easy to use and can work under any circumstances in good order. The grab is equipped for the crane which has two hoisting drums and used for grabbing bulk materials. Now the grabs are widely used in ports, electricity, vessel, metallurgy, preservation and transportation.

    Suitable for removing and dumping a variety of subsea related material including:
    1.Rock dump
    4.Grout Bags
    6.Concrete mattresses
    7.Mixed debris

    10.Assorted seabed waste/scrap



    3 cubic

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    The OUCO Marine Group provides high quality handling solutions and access systems for the marine and offshore industries. Headquartered in beautiful Wuxi, Jiangsu, China, OUCO Marine Group has subsidiaries in several countries and serves a global client base from strategic points in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Middle East. With years of experience, the OUCO Marine Group has its own designing team and manufacturing factory, excellent European management who has 47 years of experience on offshore business, which also provides after sales services overseas. Our production line covers marine and offshore knuckle boom crane, telescopic crane, stiff boom crane, non-standard steel structure, more environmental-friendly operations and also truck crane with the range from 15t to 150t.

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    We have examined every detail in the production process.

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    We try to keep shipping as a whole to reduce installation time. It is our pleasure to allow you to use our crane as soon as possible.


    1. Q:In the material, how should we choose and determine?
    A:The selection of the material of the grab edge plate, generally speaking, is the use of high strength wear-resistant steel plate.
    2. Q:Electric grab, its use in the process should pay attention to what aspects?
    A:In use process, should pay attention to the wire rope and the important parts, because, if the improper use of words, then, the prone to breakage, so we must have enough attention.
    3. Q:Which is an important way to improve service life?
    A:The important way to improve the service life of the grab bucket is to improve the abrasion resistance of the grab pin and shaft sleeve, and to improve the abrasion resistance of the blade of the bucket body.
    4. Q: The type of grab and its span size, whether will affect the grab price?
    A:The type of grab, such as the hook or double hook, will affect the price of the grab, because the type is different, then the corresponding price is also different. As for the span of the grab, it is also one of the factors affecting the price of the grab, so it will certainly have an impact.

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