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    Electric-powered handling machines are extremely efficient machines; featuring low operating costs and zero emissions.

    Available in a multitude of configurations, it can be customized for a wide variety of applications and building layout specifications.

    ·       Remote Operator’s Station and Remote Power Unit

    ·       With Cab and Remote Power Unit

    ·       With Cab and with Power Unit mounted to machine’s frame

    Technical Specification:

    General Arrangement:

    Processing at OUCO workshop:

    OUCO Certifications:

    We pay 100% attention to the packing before shipment:

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Steel Scrap Handler
Scrap Material Handler for recycling
Max boom (m/m) 4.2-7.3
Working pressure (Mpa) 16-19
Load capacity at 4m (kg) 300-900
Load capacity at max (kg) 300-500
Lifting force (kn.m) 28-63
Roraty force (kn.m) 7-11.1
Roraty angle (°) L180,R180
No.Cylinder 4
Boom weight (kg) 243-915
A outrigger weight (kg) 146-240
Grab weight (kg) 72-145