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    Solid material handlers are ideal for moving waste in landfill environments. Built to deliver improved strength and greater efficiency, they are engineered to improve cycle times and drive productivity, no matter the task. Key features include an auto-reversing fan that keeps debris out of sensitive radiator components.

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Solid Waste Material Handler Machine
Environmental Friendly Solid Waste Handler
Max boom (m/m) 4.2-7.3
Working pressure (Mpa) 16-19
Load capacity at 4m (kg) 300-900
Load capacity at max (kg) 300-500
Lifting force (kn.m) 28-63
Roraty force (kn.m) 7-11.1
Roraty angle (°) L180,R180
No.Cylinder 4
Boom weight (kg) 243-915
A outrigger weight (kg) 146-240
Grab weight (kg) 72-145