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    The crane is installed with a rolled steel pedestal for bolting or welding to deck with a height of OUCO standard and pedestal diameter is depend on the SWL of the crane. The standard SB crane will supply with an operator platform. Operator cabin is optional.

    The crane and all it associated components / equipment shall be designed in accordance to any leading classification societies which is upon request. The crane shall be tested and adjusted ready for installation by welding or bolting to vessel deck. Power connection shall be provided for electrical supply through integrated electrical slip rings.


    SB series crane: End User Advantages:

    1. Compact design

    2. Small footprint

    3. Delivered as one complete unit ready for installation to vessels

    4. Easy access for periodic maintenance, service and repair

    5.24 hours after sales searvices support.

    Technical specification, we can design and supply based on your requirement:


    General Arrangement:

    OUCO certifications:

    Processing details at OUCO workshop:

    Packing before shipping:

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